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Here it is! A really rough & overly edited compilation of 2 Underlined dress rehearsals w/ live audio of the same set (recorded with our Line 6 Stagescape M20d). We intended to perform these songs on the Enter The Vortex tour, earlier this year; But after the tour had disintegrated, we continued rehearsing for the shows we’ll be performing in support of our upcoming ep &THEN. This video was made for anyone interested in hearing us rehearse this to-be-released material, but may not be able to journey all the way to the sunshine state of failed beauty queens. 

3 guys + technology = one absurdly weird band, that is not allowing its current lack of likeminded bodies to effect its ability to put on one hell of a show. Don’t like it? Don’t care.

NOTE: This is not a “live video” or “music video”; Only the end result of multiple rehearsals & some fantastic equipment.


1 - End Of Line

2 - Asleep In A Burning Building

3 - StandbyAndDoNothing

4 - The Downward Spiral Of Animosity

5 - Eight Three One

6 - The Suffering

7 - Within Destruction We Rise

PS: If you now pre-order &THEN on iTunes you’ll instantly download the album version of Eight Three One! - 

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