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I can’t sleep so I drew out two retired Player Characters from my Shadowrun Campaign

These two retired just before the Group left Seattle for Hong Kong

the one on the left is Maechexer (pronounced “Mocker”, usually shortened to “Mae”), an Elf who liked to sneak around & shoot people with arrows. For the first week or so he exclusively wore an Oingo Boingo shirt before buying a Kimono to run around in. His greatest ambition was to taste the finest real coffee Seattle had to offer. He was last seen boarding a bus out of town.

The thing on the right is known as “Grinder”, a Giant with so many Augmentations you’d be hard pressed to find what’s left of his original form. He was built for exactly one thing, & that was the wholesale slaughter of his foes. Wore a kilt, shredded & blood-stained. May or may not have been a Troll before the Augments, a point that the team wouldn’t leave alone. When the crew took on a job that ended with them detonating the Space Needle, he prepared the charges &, rather infamously amongst the players, wired the Trigger Mechanism (a handheld device with a big red button) to also function as an IED in it’s own right. He was last seen wandering the Seattle Barrens playing the Bar scene in his band with a Human Supremacist.

So, I’m scrolling through my dash, I see this pic and as I’m scrolling past, I recognized it as the trademark style of my bestie HebrewMagic, and scroll back to take a closer look, sure enough, it was Grinder and that Black Scotsman elf from the first arc of our Shadowrun campaign. Loved the desc btw…